More Sound Advice From Khia

Please do not ask me what this picture is for nor why Khia and her crew are dress like extras from T.I.'s "Hurt" video. I am just as clueless as you are. But while we are on the subject of the thug misses, let's see what advice she is serving up in her advice column this month.

And for the record I'm not responsible for the fuckery that lies ahead.

[Gracias Tootie for the flick!]

Khia, you so fine with them big ass titties. What it take for a nigga to get at you? I'm a real street nigga, I'm a thug, what else do you need? What type of niggas you like and how should a nigga holla at you?

- - A Real Street Nigga From Daytona, FL

What's really hood Street Nigga,

Now you know I love my thugs, but for some reason some of ya'll don't know the art of thug passion or even how to love at all. That's why I know we got a lot of fake thugs out here because real thugs is love.They don't mind looking out and don't feel like you trying him. When you ask for something, shit real thugs don't have to ask because its already done, hello! But naw, it don't take much to win me over because I like to love and spoil my thugs, so its always tip for tap.

I love to shop, travel, write, and perform little private shows when I make a new hit so he would have to love music and have a fun personality. I just like to have fun so he would have to be lovable and outgoing, thugged out, and respectable. Someone who loves his mother and keeps God first, but will still whoop a nigga's ass is he disrespects. So all I can say is come and get what you want. I like a man who knows his places, drives his car fast, and takes the lead while I follow. A thug that knows how to let me have my way and still gets his point across because what he says goes in the bed and out, hello! I'm single again!!!! LOL

Kids, stay the fuck in school.


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