I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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As you would probably imagine Clifford has had lot of free time on his hands lately to write rhymes, organize his linen closet, practice his roller setting technique, make lunches for the kids, scrapbooking, and of course lick windows.

He recently decided to pull out his camera and get his Nala West on for StreetCred.com Here's a transcript for the folks at work without speakers, ya dig?

Whats happening?

Welcome to StreetCred.com. I know alot of people are concerned given the current situation. And I want to say thank you, you know, for all the prayers and support coming from my fans and my supporters. You know, its a very trying time right now, but I want to let everybody know that I pled not guilty and I gotta stress my innocence, you know, to everyone out there whos listening! And I look forward to being exonerated on all charges. And I say that with the utmost sincerity. I cant stress that enough to ya, ya dig.

I'd really like to say thank you to my lawyers, Dwight Thomas, Steve Sadow, Ed Garland, and Don Samuels. And thank you to the judge for even allowing me the privilege of being on house arrest and being here instead of, you know, the clear alternative. I just wanna tell everybody man, dont even believe every thang you see on the news, dont believe every thang you read in the papers, ya dig that.

I just wanted to to give you a brief message, you know, telling you how much I love you, how much I cant wait to get back out there. The good thang is man, you know, I got a lot time on my hands; doing a lot of reading, doing a lot of writing, working on my next album, its called Paper Trail. Oh and speaking of Paper Trail, extra special thank youto the Grand Hustle family and the Atlantic Records family. Man we gonna get thru this, you know what Im saying...to whom much is given, even more is required. You know what Im saying. God will never take you to...what he cant take you through.

So, Im just listening to what God got to say right now. And that's what Im doing, Im being still...I'm being quiet and I'm being still. Im abiding by all the stipulations, all of the criteria of my bond and of my release and I got faith in God and I got faith in the system. You know, America is a wonderful country.

Im gettin a lot of work done man, a lot of music man being recorded. But, my main message is its not over (pause) and the King aint dead!

You guys hold it down man...catch me on StreetCred and stay tuned into StreetCred, because there will be more messages. A'ight in a minute.


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