D. Woods Sets The Record Straight

I do not in any shape or form give two wet farts about Danity Kane. Can we get another Total album? Hell, I would even settle for a Loon LP at this point.

While I am much more interested in watching the guys on Making the Band 4 argue and bicker with each other over scrambled eggs, I am sure there are a few folks out there who are wondering about the state of the group. D.Woods (better known as the girl from Lloyd's "You" video) chatted exclusively with Rap-Up about her acting career, not returning Aubrey's phone calls, and her new group. Excerpts from the interview under the cut.

Is Danity Kane still together?

For the record, I have not left Danity Kane. I know there’s probably confusion because I started publicizing The Girls Club in a bigger way. That’s why I have my two partners here with me because we want to make sure people understand what we’re doing and what we’re all about so that the confusion can start fading away and people can expect the type of stuff that we do.

Aubrey said that you haven’t answered her phone calls lately. What’s that about?

Well, Aubrey is crazy [laughs]. She’s on The Girls Club mixtape. We still have a lot of fun. You gotta really take Aubrey with a grain of salt because she’s like a big piece of fun. When she’s saying I didn’t return her phone calls, we probably missed each other’s phone calls and she was probably just thinking about that at the time. But I spoke to her the other day and we were joking around. I was like, “Girl, you didn’t put me out there like that, did you?” And she was like, “Yes!” I was like, “Alright, watch out because I got something for you!” We play practical jokes.

When was the last time you spoke to all the girls? Are you guys still close?

Well, we live in separate cities. I live in Atlanta and they live across the country in other places. I was on the phone with them the other day regarding all these rumors, but the last time we really got together on some creative stuff was when I put Dawn and Aubrey on The Girls Club mixtape. We’re gonna have it posted so the whole mixtape can be downloaded. Anyway, it was kind of my birthday party, a release party for the mixtape… My 7.7.07 extravaganza!

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