Someone Is Trying To Destroy Ne-Yo

If you have ever typed "you hoes just jealous cause Ne-Yo making millions while ya'll broke ass be on here every day hating" disregard this entry.

Earlier this morning I received a lengthy email from the Stiletto Entertainment Group (...okay) claiming that our beloved Go-Go is a dead beat dad. In my opinion the following is the work of a scorned baby mama but I will let you draw your own decisions about this mess.

Ne-Yo is being reported as a deadbeat dad. Close Relatives of the pair are furious saying Ne-yo has abandoned his son. Recently, He stated that he Volunteered to be the father, but still wishes to take on the child as his own… Though there is no proof of this, and the mother of the child Jesseca White chooses to remain silent about the matter.
However Ne-Yo over the past year has spoken so highly of the child "Chimere Smith" but yet as his new album comes out, he chooses to throw the innocent 2 year old out into media, attempting to squash a rumor that has yet to be leaked.

Sources say Jesseca White came home to an Eviction Notice, (pictured Below, along with the child's birth certificate) at the residence the pair once shared in Los Angeles, CA. that was usually taken care of by the R&B star, but Ne-Yo Refuses to Pay, stating on a tape recording that "he wants to do other things with his money".

Reportedly, he wont even send money for Baby Chimere's Food or Diapers, until after their child support case has ended. And her family is angry. Saying "Every time he gets upset with Jesseca, he refuses to pay for things, and it shouldn't be taken out on the child". Jesseca White aka "Jesse" is in the process of working on her solo career as well as being a full time mom, being that Shaffer put stop payment on the babysitters checks. "he's never had to be there more than 4 hours with the baby, that girl works damn hard, and this is not right, he's the one who asked her to have that child regardless, and now he's trying to take the easy road out". says a family relative.

Its odd that the star boasts about his millions, and how he financially takes care of the child and alleged best friend, as we see his MILLION DOLLAR MANSION, and cars on MTV cribs, but yet he wont even buy his son DIAPERS or MILK, and opting to try and leave them homeless….

Whether it is truth or not about the biological factor, we don't know. But hey he says the kid is his.. What's a couple of dollars to him? ARE WE GIVING NE-YO TOO MUCH CREDIT? Hmmm starting to sound like Ne-Yo's pulling a few publicity stunts on us.


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