LeVar Burton Would Not Approve of This Book

"Real men don't have consentual sex. They get raped." - DMX

Yesterday Ill Seed from AHH Rumors posted an entire chapter from Carmen Bryan's upcoming book Sex, Drugs & Hip . . . Oh Did I Mention Love It's No Secret. Be forewarned, your computer may catch an ugly STD.

Thursday Night- we were on our way to NJ to meet Allen and . I was so excited and could'nt wait to see to get there. I had butterflies just thinking about being with Allen. I felt very safe in his presence, especially after that night at the Palladium. The more I thought about him, the more anxious I became. A two hundred and fifty mile distant was the only thing keeping us apart. I floored it the whole way to Atlantic City. I was pushing 75mph. Danae, didn't say a word. She sat in the passengers side quietly.

It was a little before midnight when we arrived. We valet parked and entered the hotel. The lobby was filled with ball players. The 76ers, in the flesh. "Wow this is basketball camp!" I thought! As we approached the front desk a few players tried to holla at us. We were both flattered, but Danae especially, loved the attention. She suddenly, had a permanent switch in her hips and even added extra lipgloss. I, on the other hand was focused. I knew who I came to see! I put everyone on mute. After we picked up the key that Allen left for us, we made our way to his suite. I don't know why I was so nervous, I was also praying that when we got to his room that it would be empty, just in case I had to use the bathroom.

I swiped the magnet key and entered. The room was empty and the buttlerflies were gone. Whew! I could breathe again. Since the room was vacant, Danae and I decided to do a little snooping around. First we looked in the waste basket for things like;condom wrappers, phone numbers, strands of hair on the pillows, lipstick on towels, extra toothbrushes, and shit like that. In the midst of the search, without warning the door opened. It was Allen and . I quickly played it off like I was putting my bags in the closet. "When did y'all get here?" Allen asked. "Just a minute ago." I replied. He grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. It felt good to be in his presence. The drive was definitely worth it. It was obvious that we both missed each other, we couldn't stop hugging and kissing.

For the remainder of the evening, we all sipped on Cristal, ordered room service and enjoyed each others company. Allen and Marlon cracked jokes just about all night. We had the best time. The evening started to mellow down when out of no where Danae shouted "So Chuck, whats up with you and this Foxy bitch?" "Huh?" Everything just stopped! I couldn't believe Danae was blowing up the spot. Foxy was definitely number one on my shit list, but there is a time and a place for everything and this was not the time, nor the place to discuss a Foxy beef. Besides just the mention of her name blew my high. Ugh fucking Danae! Allen responded, "Nothing, I met her one time". I watched Allen's body language closely. Danae went on ." Well, I heard her on the radio and she said that you and her were an item and that you bought her a diamond ring and a necklace". Allen jumped out of his seat quick. "Get the fuck outta here, I don't even know that girl" That's when I interjected, "Well she be dropping your name, like she knows you." Whatever innuendo's Foxy or the media tried to portray was abruptly shut down. Allen was on fire. "Look, I said I don't know that girl, I saw her one time at a jewelry spot in Manhattan and we were introduced. That girl don't know me and I don't know her! She can go ahead with all that other shit." Marlon joined in. "Man these damn rappers be bigger groupies than the regular damn groupies."

It was'nt long before we were back on track and having a delightful evening. I was still pissed that Danae opened her big mouth, but then again, I was relieved at the outcome, given the new circumstances. Allen obviously didn't know Foxy and I had had just about enough of her. The bottom lineā€¦ Foxy was jealous of me. The night was winding down and Danae and Marlon left. Allen and I were finally alone. It was like we both were on the same page, because the minute Danae and Marlon disappeared it was on and poppin! I undressed slowly as he watched. Then he disrobed. His body was sick! He was lean with perfect muscles and natural cuts. He had a lot of scars all over his body, which turned me on even more. He was like a warrior, so rough and had the battle wounds to prove it. He stood naked on the edge of the bed and looked damn near edible. I felt his eyes caress every part of me. I wore a sexy pearl white thong with a matching bra. He was licked his lips and kept his eyes glued to me. After a few moments I was completely naked and my legs were wrapped around his motions. Our lips kissed, hands touched, tongues surfed and juices flowed. Before the night ended we had indulged in four rounds of pure animalistic sexual pleasure. (continue at AHH)

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