Drama Is Her Middle Name

Jawn Murray recently chopped it up with the self proclaimed "Queen of All Media." Yeah . . . okay. He couldn't let Wendy get away without getting the scoop first. Here is what she had to say about Eddie Murphy and Mel B., Diddy becoming a dad again, and her side of the Method Man drama.

Eddie Murphy's rumored engagement to Melanie Brown (Scary Spice of the Spice Girls): "You mean that beard? Um, next."

Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kim Porter expecting a baby: "Well, Puffy's a sloppy dude, and I don't care how rich he is. He's sloppy and a real special dude. This is his third child by his third baby's mother, 'cause you know that woman Sara [Chatman] just had his child, a daughter. I think this is all out of quick publicity deflection. [Kim] might not be pregnant yet. That's probably what they are working on now to quickly give her another child so they could lock down more money. I don't know. Let them keep that bulls@#% right over there! No, he'll never marry Kim. And if he does, it's not real. It's one of those It's-cheaper-to-keep-her deals or whatever. Some real slimy s@#%."

Method Man's accusation that Williams disclosed his wife has cancer: "You know what, I wish Method Man well. I'm sorry to hear about his wife. I said nothing of the sort. I got medical records and alluded that she was sick. I never said the 'C' word. I don't play around with things like that. I got the medical minute on my own show and I'm a bit of a hypochondriac myself. I would never play around with things like that or expose something like that. It's funny how this happened approximately eight months ago now, but this man chooses to use this as a platform to promote his own CD, which will probably come out and God only knows how it'll do. I'll watch it from the sideline. It's absolutely preposterous. I wish them strength as a couple and as individuals." (continue)

Wendy is staying busy nowdays as a spokesman (had to get one in) for Alize and also as a face of Applebottom's Smart Girls clothing. The new line is an initiative to get young girls to practice safe sex. I guess abstinence is just out of the question.

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