07.27.2006 Nippy Watch

My apologies for the Nippy updates being few and far in between. From what you guys have been telling me in your emails, she is out in California with CeCe Winans. I don't know how true that is but I just hope she is doing well.

Tina Brown is making her media rounds again. Here is an excerpt from her interview with Jamie Foster Brown in the August 2006 issue of Sister 2 Sister. I will scan the entire article later. My computer is on that kryptonite right now.

Sister 2 Sister: The tabloids are saying that Whitney is broke.

Tina Brown: But guess what? She has like 40 people on her payroll. They all have chauffeurs and buying brand new cars and all this, but she's broke? Come on! She did Europe and she got $750,000 a night and when she got back I said, "Nip..." I always try to encourage her to handle her own bills. And come to find out, I said, "Where's all your money, Nip?" She said, "They say I owe people." I said, "You don't owe people . . . " Come on! And all that money does not go to drugs. They spend a lot of money on drugs, yah. But it's not $750,000 worth.

S2S: Do you know if Whitney has a brain tumor or not?

TB: I don't know. But the talk in my family is that she does! On the outside world, no! But in my family, yes! And (a family member) said the other day, "It's getting worse. Let's take her to the hospital." And (another family member) said no because of the media. "We don't want them to know." So they got her on a phone and took her to--she's going into her childlike states and everything. All the symptoms are there.

S2S: Does Bobby know about any of this?

TB: Bobby got a phone call in front of my sister. He dropped the phone and started screaming and crying. Come to find out, that's what was said.

S2S: What was said?

TB: They called from California stating that she had a tumor. Why are they keeping this a secret, I don't know. But it's so much. It's so much!

Yeah it is so much, damn.

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