Rumor Control: Young Love Edition

Is love in the air for Trey Songz? Word on the curb is that Trey has hooked up with upcoming singer and fashion designer Jamie Cipriani. Now I've never heard of this chick before in my life but I'm sure that some of you might have. The pair was spotted back in April at Club Eugene and Foot Locker in New York City. Here's a picture of Miss Cipriani trying to avoid the papparzi during her trip. A radio station reported that he was polite and clinged on to Trey during her time in the Big Apple. When questioned if she and Songz were in fact a couple she replied "Im actually getting into music right now and Tremaine is just giving me direction to help me as an artist."

I know some of you are undercover P.I.'s because of the shit ya'll can dig up. Anybody have additional information on this chick? I hope that she protects his ass from police brutality. Thanks Ilene and Chris for the tips.

Moving along, the latest rumor in the Nick Cannon/Christina Milian we-need-publicity-to-increase-our-album-sales saga is that Nick cheated on her with Rihanna. Pon de forehead strikes again? Here are some tidbits that were emailed to me about the possible hook up:

- On the Angie Martinez Show Christina wouldn't reveal who the 'Mistress' was. Why? Because Jay-Z and L.A. Reid felt that if the two had a public fued it would effect the company's profits from both artists. Rihanna and Milian being labelmates changes the dynamics from the 'profit from beef' marketing strategy.

- Why has Rihanna been calling Jay so much? Because she's worried Milian will say something and Jay has been re-assuring her.

- But wait? Christina stated that the 'Mistress' was a D-List and was first seen as a 'Video Girl' ? Remember Rihanna had a feature in Memphis Bleek's "It's Like That" video, with the hat? Yup.

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