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Here are a couple quotables from Clay Cane's recent interviews with Miss Patti for HX and BlackVoices. Please be sure to check both articles out!

On the first gay person she met: "My niece, and I had no clue because she's a lipstick lesbian. I had no clue, and one day she just decided to tell me. She is very soft—see, this is where my ignorance comes in. I always thought that lesbians were like truck drivers, like hard women. Like all of them had to be that way or they weren't gay. But there are soft girls, middle kind of girls and hard girls. Usually, the hard women are after me! When I got my divorce, the women jumped on me like white on rice! I said, "Look, I ain't ever did fish, I don't intend to do fish so leave me alone." I said, "I'm looking for a man and you're not a man!"

Her secret to aging gracefully: "Get a beautiful man, look at him. If you can't do anything with him just look at him. It will keep you feeling beautiful. You can't look at no moose all day, all night and wake up looking happy! You look at somebody beautiful, you wake up with a smile on your face. Not that you're going to have sex or anything, it's just you need beauty in your life. You don't need nothing old and decrepit, nobody with maggots and worms -- you don't need this! Girls, look for somebody healthy, strong, beautiful, but somebody first with a heart of gold and who loves you for you. Believe in yourselves and that'll keep you healthy and young looking. No matter what people say about you, know that you're the baddest thing out there. Know it, claim it!"

Why she appeals to the gay community so much: I'm every gay man's mother—come and sit on mama's lap! It ain't no sugarmama stuff either—they just really connect. Maybe because I looked like a drag queen back in the day and I still can go there if I want. When I wore those outrageous hairstyles, I guess they said, "She's really out." I'm not a gay woman; I'm just a woman who loves people.

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