Thinking She Was Number One When She Just A Jump Off

Sandra Rose always has the scoop when it comes to celebrity dirt in ATL. This time she has the inside dish about Young Jeezy's love triangle involving Keyshia Cole and a young lady name Mialy.

Long story short, Keyshia got tired of Jeezy running around on her so she decided to let him go.

An inside source tipped Sandra off to the relationship drama that went down between Keylolo and Mialy last summer in an Atlanta restaurant:

Well, as for Jeezy, my girl is a Cuban girl. Well, they have been sleeping together for about 3yrs, & we ran into him & Keyshia at spondivtz the other week... Well, Jeezy (who code name is Chevy's) saw us walk in. Well, he got up & left Keyshia to sit with Mialy & us... he just got up & was like, 'I need to holla at my peoples.' [Keyshia] was mean mugging but she didn't cut up. Mialy wouldn't have tripped on him either way because, again, she has been fucking with him for 3yrs. [Keyshia] was talking to his boys because she couldn't really figure out if we were friend or foe. But let me say, she played her cards well. She is not some hood rat girl with nothing too lose. I think that she was thinking about it. Well, he paid our tab (it was like 5 of us) & he and his crew continued to chill there after we left.

Scandalous! I am going to assume that Keyshia's mama nor sister Neffie was in the building, because you already know what would have happened. According to the holy grail that is Wikipedia, Mama Cole has been arrested over 30 times. So I think it is safe to say that she is not afraid to catch a charge, no?

I want to take the opportunity to reiterate that all this drama was over Young Jeezy. YOUNG JEEZY. His pipe (or cake daddy) game must be out of this blipping world.


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