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Apparently Mama Tina has realized that we caught on to her root boxes months ago and has switched up her game. In celebration of Black History Month and Mardi Gras she sent this little sweet package to Complex's offices with the following note attached:

As we celebrate Black History Month and in honor of Mardi Gras, please accept this gift from House of Dereon inspired by the late great Patrick Kelly, African American fashion designer and style enthusiast. As a fan of Black Memorabilia, Patrick often gifted family and friends with baby doll pins. We have styled his original piece to reflect our New Orleans and Creole heritage. As our friend, we hope you will find this gift just as charming. With Love and Best Wishes, Tina and Beyonce Knowles.

Listen, my Mama always told me that if you don't want the responsibility of raising a child don't lay down to have one. With that being said the whole family should be ashamed for trying to rid themselves of their babysitting duties by shipping Baby Daniel out in a mini black coffin. Ha, somebody should round his ass up so he can spend the night with Sean Preston and Jaden James. Now before you stans come out raising hell, yes, I know what the significance of the baby is. I just find the shit utterly hilarious.

I'm going to have to go outside and throw salt over my left shoulder and bury a chicken foot now.

Usher's mother Jonetta Patton is rumored to be pissed about his engagement to Tameka Foster.

Via the NY Daily News:

There's one person who isn't wishing newly engaged couple Usher and Tameka Foster well: Usher's mom.

Sources tell us that Jonetta Patton is "flipping out" about the impending nuptials, as she isn't thrilled with the candidate for daughter-in-law.

Momma Usher once fired Foster as her son's stylist because "she didn't think she was dressing him according to the caliber of star he was."

Patton also suspected Foster was angling to replace her as the star's manager.

Last month, we caught up with the cozy couple at an event at Core Club, where Tameka assured us, "I'm just his friend, just his very best friend."

She added, "You can't go anywhere these days without being made into a girlfriend or engaged or something."

Usher's rep did not return calls.


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