Honey Baked H.A.M. (I got 1,000 of em)

When my Mama was knocked up with me she was rocking a jheri curl (I had to say that) and had talked my Pops into naming me Sharetha. When I think about that I look towards the heavens and mouth "thank you." So as you probably gathered Ma Dukes is a big fan of Aretha Franklin so when I emailed her these pictures this morning she quickly replied back saying "she doesn't have to look sloppy like that." Word to my mother.

Yet another example that there is life for H.A.M.'s past the age of 50. This shit has got be a joke. I refuse to believe that she let herself walk out the house rocking that. And Patti is my girl and all but she looking kinda suspect too. Control them titties!

Anyway, last week I was emailed a link to a blog titled Bitter Vibes. Peep:

When I got to work Friday morning I wondered why it bothered me that Angie is leaving. When I thought twice about it, I realized she was just as fake as the rest of the people there. Her shameless ass kissing of Mimi was almost worse than Shani and Yani's. Is that even possible? Do you think Mimi's ass is sore from the ass kissing?If you could have seen the staff at Angie's send off. Shameless. Shameless. Shameless. Speaking of Mimi, why does that grown ass woman dress like a man? She is not a bad looking lady but come on now. You are the Editor in Chief of a magazine. Don't you think you should look clean at least one day out of the week?

Damn homie! I hope whoever the mystery employee is doesn't get fired. Its just their thoughts and opinions ladies and gentlemen. I never realized that blogs could be so much drama until talking to one of my AIM homies who was fired from a job she had over her online journal. Do you think that companies have the right to do that? Holla back.

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