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The one-hour long season finale of Making The Band aired last night. Yes gang no longer will we hear "boom, kat, boom, kat kat" on the 10 Spot Thursday nights, cry me a river. On a side note did ya'll know that Lorrie Ann was a Flyy Girl on In Living Color? I sure as hell didn't until I saw her dancing around in some acid washed jeans last night on BET. Anyways, instead of complaining about the group of girls he selected I have another bone to pick.

Miss Jones from Hot 97 fame officially pissed me off last night. I know that she is known for her gritty interview style and that Diddy wanted to give the girls a taste of what they would have to endure by people who talk smack about them but my goodness. Jonesy looked like a damn fool when she was about to crack on ol' girl from New Orleans outfit until she realized that Hurricane Katrina took every thing from he family. Then she tried to flip the script to and started showering the girl with praises. Hoe sit down. Speaking of which . . .


Ah hem. Tyra and all of the girls from this season along with some familiar faces from panel were all at The Avalon out in La La Land to celebrate the season finale of America's Next Top Model Wednesday night. Coryn (who actually looked like she was born with a vagina!) and Ebony (I'm so glad those braids are gone...it wasn't a good look) were way more lovely in those flicks than on the show in my opinion. Like I told the Dealer, just because you don't win the entire competition doesn't mean a damn thing. Please believe this isn't the last time we're going to see any of the girls. Winner or loser the show provided them all with one vital thing, exposure.

Check out what Rich had to say about this whole debacle.

Fresh's Two Cents

As I watched the video for "Be Without You" last night a light bulb in my head turned on. The media always gives Madonna credit on being the mother of reinvention but never seem to mention Mary J. Blige. Mary has had more hairstyles than a drag queen in Las Vegas over the past decade and a half. With every new album that she drops a new look always accompanies it. I think she has the Material Girl beat. You be the judge. Either way Mary has been too strong for too long to let these new chicks try to even attempt to put their paws on her crown.

Dumbass Fugees Opening Act Gets Dissed By Stage Dive

The Fugeess really love their Norwegian fans. Not only did the band reunite and kick off their world tour in Scandinavia, they also provided some fine comedic relief by the way of one of their opening acts. The nameless chick had delusions of grandeur when she thought the best way to end her set was to take a flying leap off of the stage and land into the arms of her adoring fans. Sadly all the people attending the sold out show were there for the Fugees only, not to catch some no name nobody. Listen closely to the THUD!!! as the crowd parts and then the aarrrggghhh.... as she lands on the cold cement floor- and then the customary laughing as the crowd acknowledges her stupidity. That must have been a really shameful walk back to the artist lounge. Warning: You have to suffer through a few seconds of screaming before the event- Sorry. (via Gossipish.com)

Click here to watch. That bitch thought she was on that kryptonite.

+ Foxy Brown is one crazy bitch and did T-Pain got jacked for his chain?

+ Out of the country hoes have no love for 50 Cent

+ It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood in Atlanta

+ Jay-Z and Beyonce marriage rumor (please ignore the ignorant comments)

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