You thought I forgot about ya today huh? As you can see I'm working on a new look. It's not easy being the fifth baddest bitch in America.

- Ashanti, Donald Trump, Star and Al (aka my two moms), Quincy Jones, P.Diddy and Naomi Campbell among the stars who came out in support of "The Color Purple" opening on Broadway. If you tuned in to watch Beyonce's interview on Oprah's show a few weeks back you were able to catch a glimpse of two of the performances. The singing and acting was super on the shows so I know that the musical will be go on to do great things. Check out some of the pictures. Speaking of Oprah she stopped by David Letterman last night to squash whatever beef they had. First Jay-Z and Nas now this?! I'm trying to figure out though what's going on with Oprah and Gayle. I'm sorry but I think they are some down low sisters. I'm just sayin.

- Oscar Winner Denzel Washington says all is well in his marriage to his wife Pauletta. He says there is no trouble at home. A few weeks ago, it was reported that he was not living at home with his wife. Sources say he was not living at home because he was researching a new movie role. But, there was also talk of a rumored romance and mystery baby with another actress. Denzel says he and Pauletta are doing fine. They were together yesterday, today and will be together tomorrow. Denzel made sure to get me this message, and I have heard you Mr. Washington, loud and clear. The Washington household is fine. (via Patty Jackson)

- Oh hell to the nah! The Reverend Al Sharpton in talks to star in his own sitcom for CBS, to be called "Al in the Family", Daily Variety reports.

- Our little Skateboard P is in love. These two look like they belong in a high school yearbook with the caption "cutest couple" under it. Isn't that sweet? [ /sappy]

- I know this is coming out of left field but is it just me or does Kanye's mascot give you the creeps too? Between that fucking bear and "the King" from Burger King I don't know who is more weird.

Oh yeah, Curtis? When skinny white wannabe model chicks start rocking your shit that should be a HUGE sign that you are about to go into M.C. Hammer over exposure territory.

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