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Apple Loves Jay-Z (no, not that Apple)

Gwyneth Paltrow's -- who has been widely quoted saying "I'd rather die than let my daughter eat instant soup" -- apparently has no problem letting 16-month old Apple listen to Jay-Z, a rap star whose albums are usually labeled "Explicit Lyrics." Paltrow, while out promoting her new flick "Proof," was asked if her daughter is a fan of Coldplay, the band headed up by her husband Chris Martin. Apparently, not. But Paltrow revealed that instead, Apple likes Jay-Z, and often listens to the rapper on headphones.

Betcha Apple will be bringing home a negra boy from school in a couple of years. And while we are on the subject of Shawn, isn't supposed to be retired? Fade To Black part two coming soon.

Being Kimberly Jones

Yup! You guessed it, Kimmy's getting her very own reality show. I can't knock her for making moves like a crackhead (I love that quote) before she goes in the clink clank. The show is slated to be produced by the Edmonds who you will remember giving us College Hill. It will chronicle Lil Kim's court case and the preparation for the album.

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Grammy award winning hip-hop diva Lil' Kim holds a meet and greet with her fans in New York City. Lil' Kim was convicted of perjury last July and is scheduled to begin her prison sentence next week. MTV's camera crews were also on hand as they followed Kim around the clock for her upcoming reality show, "Lil' Kim Goes to The Big House." The series will document Kim's hectic life as the queen of hip-hop and how she manages to juggle the media blitz of promoting her upcoming Album, The Naked Truth out September 27th on Atlantic/Queen Bee Records, in addition to preparing for her upcoming jail sentence.

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- With the upcoming release of The Glamourous Life, Trina works hard for a good review in The Source. So that's how she made last month's cover.

- Brandy is the dumb-dumb of the week. After a short engagement to NBA star Quentin Richardson, she decided to get a tattoo of his face on her back. Yeah, not his name but face. Not her daughter's face but Quentin's. And like 90 percent of most industry romances it quickly fizzled. So what's a girl to do? Get over it - - literally.

- R&B singer Mary J. Blige asks a worker to move so she can pose as she arrives to the Baby Phat Fashion show held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Priceless! As always you can caption the photo in the comments if you please.

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