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Yeah, What He Said
What happens when you mix together five Hispanic looking crack babies, you get the non hit making group B5. Besides shopping at the Salvation Army, their hobbies include walking girls home from school, screaming, dancing atop buses, and sounding a damn mess. They all look like rejected models for the weekly Wal-Mart newspaper insert. Please send them back to the orphanage from which they came.

I'm glad someone feels the same way as myself. We all have Puffy to thank for this.

Nelly Becomes To 10,000th Rapper To Ink A Shoe Deal
Reebok is becoming as much of a music label as it is a shoe company. Why haven't they started a label yet. To follow in the lines of S. Carter and 50 Cent, Nelly has just inked a very nice deal with Reebok to develop his own shoes and accessories. The launch of Nelly's new line will hit some stores by the end of 2005 and then grow in 2006. I personally think it looks like a shoe from Wal Mart my Granny wears while she shucking peas on Saturday evenings.

Ike and Tina Back Together
Made you look like Nasir Jones. Akeelah and the Bee centers on a precocious eleven-year-old girl, Akeelah Anderson (Keke Palmer), from south Los Angeles, who is discovered to have a talent for words. In spite of the objections of her mother Wanda (Angela Bassett), Keke enters a spelling contest. Her gift takes her to compete in the National Spelling Bee, the most famous competition of its kind in the world. On the way, she is helped by a forthright, mysterious teacher, Dr. Larabee (Laurence Fishburne) and a cast of colorful characters from the community. Her journey evokes pride in the neighborhood, bringing them together and, in the end, all witness the courage and inspiration of one amazing little girl.

Free At Last, I Suppose
A few post back I commented on the wonderful world of airbrushing. Well check your girl Free out.

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