Who recognizes this guy? Yeah its none other than the hazel eyed "pretty boy" himself Donnie Simpson. If you are old enough to remember his face then you should remember the show Video Soul as well. And yes Love I am old enough to remember the Top 20 Countdown, Midnight Love (when you could call in and dedicate videos!), Video Vibrations, and the original Teen Summit (when Ananda Lewis and Dejuore were hosting). Viewing VS was so necessary for me in those days. Of course, all good things must and do come to an end. When BET took it off the air and replaced it with a watered down version (I forget the name of the show exactly. Planet Groove I believe) I was crushed. 14 years gone, just like that.

Damn, those were the days when I was in love with music. I can remember like yesterday when my brother and I would have to sneak and watch BET and MTV because the parentals didn't want that "filth" being played in the house. HA! We would also take cassette tapes with church sermons on them and record over it. Since we were too broke and young to actually go out and purchase music we had to swipe our songs off the radio. That's right! I know plenty of people who used to do that. Jon can back me up on this one too, shoot.

Don't get me wrong, I had love for MTV Jams too but that shit came on too late. Playgirl had a bedtime back then. I guess you can compare the feeling with the way most teenyboppers are about 106 and Park. Although Sherry Carter got on my last damn nerves at the time, I can stomach her more than I can Free. Hands down. Now the only time I see her ass is on commercials talking about renting movies from Blockbuster. Donnie Simpson however currently has one of the top rated morning shows in the D.C. area.

You can also check out a picture of Donnie looking a greasy, hot mess along with Robin Quivers and Howard Stern here. Heh.

Moving along, if you haven't already viewed Dude, Where's My Ghetto Pass or any of the other Race-O-Rama shows on VH1 you're sleeping. These shows are hilarious and also make you do some serious thinking about race relations in this country. Also check ou thet Taste My Race feature while you're there at the site. It's Juvenile and some white woman cooking some beans and rice. It's required viewing for the summer.

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