How Stella Lost Her Groove

When and how they met: Three years ago, exactly as author Terry McMillan, 47, portrayed it in her best-seller, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. While vacationing in Jamaica, at the Grand Lido in Negril, McMillan was approached by Jonathan Plummer, 26, now a college student."Can I join you?" he asked. "Why not?" she replied.

Two years later he proposed. The ceremony: On September 5, 1998, the two opted for a fun, no-frills sunset wedding for six on the beach at the Grand Wailea Resort Beach Hotel in Maui, Hawaii. Included in the wedding party were Terry's son, Solomon Welch; her sister Crystal McMillan; niece Chanelle Zenno and nephew Byron Joseph. the bride wore: An Anopia off-white silk-chiffon slip dress under a simple sheer wrap. She kicked off her lavender Stephane Kelian sandals for the ceremony and pledged her love barefoot.the groom wore: Linen pants and pullover by Island Trading,! and Dries Van Noten white spectator bucks (no socks).

On Friday, June 17, 2005, a civil court judge in Martinez, CA ordered NY Times bestselling novelist, Terry McMillan, to pay her gay husband, Jonathan Plummer, spousal support and attorney's fees effective immediately. Her romance with Jonathan, 23 years her junior, was the basis of the hit novel/movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."? Almost immediately, this has become fodder for tabloid TV with a segment appearing late Friday night on Celebrity Justice/Extra. The segment failed to mention that McMillan was ordered to pay spousal support nor did it mention Jonathan's declaration of harassment due to sexual orientation, as the basis of his restraining order. It was a very lopsided broadcast with the focus on McMillan, as she prepares to launch her latest novel, "The Interruption of Everything."

Jonathan has already faced tremendous backlash as a result of coming out to his famous wife, including being kicked out of his home 6 months ago with only the shirt on his back, making Friday's "victory" truly significant. In addition to numerous gay bashing and "outing" incidents, which were the basis of his restraining order, she has threatened to publicly shame him in this country and Jamaica, his country of origin. She did not count on him: 1) being able to afford representation, 2) being articulate enough to communicate his story to an attorney, and 3) having pride in his sexual identity.

(Source: Celebrity Justice)

[Begin Edit] I would just like to take this moment out to say hello to all the people who google "Jonathan Plummer is gay" and come here. Ha, you gossipping bitches.

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