The 2007 Grace Kelly, Ya'll

Last night whle I was playing catch up with my favorites blogs I decided to hit up Real Gossip 101 [bookmark it!] to see what was new. As I scrolled down the page I came across my favorite ficitional stripper/college student, Diamond!

It may not seem like it but I heart LisaRaye. Anybody who went from shaking ass in a Tupac video to becoming the first lady of a country is solid gold in my book. However, after reading the article about her for Monarch magazine it made me side-eye her a little bit.

Former All of Us actress LisaRaye McCoy-Misick is featured in the Fall 2007 issue of Monarch magazine. In her interview, the First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands, who likens herself to Grace Kelly, revealed how she met her second husband, Premier Michael Misick and why she made a couple of sacrifices for the sake of her marriage. The former model met her current hubby when she attended the 2005 Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael was being honored with the Global Humanitarian of the Year award and made the first move by asking to be introduced to the beauty. And although LisaRaye (who says she always thought she'd marry an 'in-shape god'...something that Michael indeed was not) says her attraction to Michael wasn't love at first sight, he eventually won her over and the couple exchanged 'I do's' in April of 2006.

Soon after her wedding, the actress found herself facing off with the producers of All of Us (which was canceled in the Spring of 2007) due to the fact that the duties of her new real role as the First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands entailed her to be by her husband's side during special engagements. At the time, these personal demands meant missing a practice read here and there forcing the producers to have to work around her schedule or stop production altogether. LisaRaye also took it upon herself to shelve her brand new lingerie line, Lux & Romance lingerie which catered to women with curves. Engaged to the Premiere (whose status is equaled to our President) in the same year, she quickly felt that her new line was not exactly the right way a First Lady should represent herself. In February 2005, she decided to drop the line and focue more on learning about her husband's position and culture. LisaRaye says, 'It can be difficult at times with so much to learn. Imagine just a few weeks ago, me and my husband were having dinner with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. It's a lot to adjust to.'

These days, LisaRaye spends her time organizing events for the Turks and Caicos International Film Festival, which she created with fellow actress Jasmine Guy in October of 2006. When she's in the States, she's hard at work on one of her latest business ventures: RayeDiant Jewel, a talent pageant she created for young girls. A mix of American Idol meets The Gong Show, LisaRaye teaches the girls that they are all 'diamonds' in the rough. The actress can also be seen on tour in the stageplay, Gossip, Lies and Secrets with Blu Cantrell, Kenya Moore, Malik Yoba and Christopher Williams. But that's not all. Since dropping the lingerie line, she has started a swimsuit line that she says will fit perfectly in both worlds of her life. 'Just think of me as the new millennium First Lady.'

[Image + article via Real Gossip 101]

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