WTF Files: Crackspace.com

When I joined Myspace earlier this year it was to stay in touch with high school buddies and laugh at random people's profiles (don't act like you don't do it too). Now that this site has grown, it has become another way for me to connect with you LaBeauties. But I'll be damned if I join an online community called Crackspace.

A new multi-service Web site catering to the "urban audience" will soon be upon us offering young users a place to get their MySpace, YouTube and download on -- all in one environment. Crackspace.com, from media/label impresario Chuck Wilson, will launch on Nov. 1 with previously-unseen songs, remixes and videos from artists such as Ludacris, T.I., Diddy, Akon, Ghostface, Lloyd Banks, Hi-Tek, Jim Jones and Foxy Brown.

Additional site features include news, gossip, a YouTube-like video uploading and sharing component, a download store and a MySpace-inspired web community where users can upload and sell their own songs, videos, ringtones and wallpaper. Wilson, who created Crackspace through his newly-formed Triumph Media Holdings, says he saw a need for a social networking and music/video site that catered to the urban community.

"The market need for a technologically advanced urban Web site could not be more urgent," says Wilson, a screenwriter who counts among his credits "Soul Plane." "MySpace is great but it doesn't even come close to fully satisfying the hip-hop generation. CrackSpace was created by and for that generation. This is a place for anyone who loves the culture. We have to be very much in touch with the places where kids experience urban music and culture and really set the table for when the majority of sales are online. That's really what this is all about."

A booster tried to sell me a digital camera a couple of days ago, talking about the picture quality "is that crack." Having grown up in a neighborhood full of junkies I tend to shy away from purchasing anything that might have the word crack in the product specifics. Shit now that I think about it the price was a good deal. But that's not the point! People, just let it go.

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