R. Kelly's 'Uncle' Claims He Was Beat By The Singer

A longtime associate of R&B superstar R. Kelly filed a lawsuit Wednesday in which he claims he was beaten -- and left with permanent injuries -- at Kelly's Olympia Fields estate last February. Henry Love Vaughn is also suing for "breach of verbal contract." Vaughn says Kelly reneged on a promise to pay for Vaughn's collaboration in the creation of Kelly's song "Steppin' in the Name of Love."

Olympia Fields police say they have investigated Vaughn's assault complaint but do not intend to file charges. In a written statement released Wednesday, a Kelly spokesman described Vaughn as a "disgruntled former employee and hanger-on."

Vaughn, who says he has been like an uncle to Kelly and has notes from Kelly addressing him as "Uncle Henry Love," said he was invited over to watch the NBA
All-Star Game on Feb. 19.

Vaughn said he is not sure why -- perhaps because he criticized the way Kelly's 7-year-old daughter was dancing grown-up style on a pool table -- but Kelly associate John Levy started punching him, Vaughn said in an interview with the Sun-Times in April.

Vaughn said Levy and other crew members grabbed him and started hauling him to the front room to throw him out.

"R. Kelly sees me bleeding, grabs me, hits me upside the head and takes me into the basement," Vaughn said. "Then he drags me up the stairs and past security at the gate."

In his lawsuit, Vaughn also says that while in the basement, Kelly repeatedly struck him "about the face and body."

Vaughn has a police report, photos of a bloody lip, and paperwork from Advocate Christ Medical Center's emergency room to back up his story.

'Half-truths, distortions' Levy and others at the party told police that Vaughn, who has worked for Kelly over the years, was drunk and had to be subdued and that Kelly's children were upstairs asleep. Vaughn disputes being drunk. "His lawsuit is a pathetic collection of half-truths, distortions and outright lies," said Kelly spokesman Allan Mayer. (

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