The BV Buzz With Michael Knight

Speculation about Michael Knight's sexuality have been running rampant on blogs and messageboards across the internet since the first episode of Project Runway. Is he straight? Is he gay? Does he drink pickle juice straight from the jar when nobody else is around? At the end of the day all that shit is his business and shouldn't play a factor into if you like the man or not. Shit the only real question I have for him is who in the hell is this Mychael Knight character? Alter ego perhaps? During an interview with BV's columnist Jawn Murray the designer addressed rumors regarding his sexuality, the alleged relationship with Brandy, and his future plans.

A stereotype that Knight hopes to change, however, is that all black men in the fashion world have to be gay. Obviously frustrated by all of the Internet chatter surrounding his sexuality, Knight dismissed the matter when it came up during our interview. "It's been said. You know what it is. Everybody knows what it is, so there's no need to even go there. I'm trying to establish myself as a designer. I'm not trying to establish my personal life and who I am and all that kind of stuff to people. My family knows, my friends know and whoever I am dating knows," he said.

In an online interview with Andy Cohen, Bravo's Vice President of Production and Programming, for his blog, Andy's Blog, Knight was straightforward about the gay issue. When Cohen inquired about the interest in Knight's sexuality, he vented: "It's stupid and rude, and I don't get why it makes a difference either way. The 'hood side of me wants to say, 'Why-are you trying to screw me, is that why you're asking?' But that's what I want to say. But, yes I am straight, and no I am not dating anybody. Wow, I can't believe we are really discussing this!" Two weeks ago there was a report in Star magazine reporting that Knight was dating R&B singer Brandy. Knight is coy about the rumored romance. "Headlines are headlines. I don't care about that. I want to dress Brandy, that's what I want to happen. So Brandy, if you are ever reading this, I want to dress you. She needs to be wearing some Michael Knight," he exclaimed.

So you want to dress Brandy. Understood! But are you also undressing Brandy?

"I want her to wear one of my outfits, that's what I am saying. I want her to wear one of my garments," he shot back.

So you're not going to confirm or deny this report?

"I don't care about the dating stuff. I'm really on the rise of my career. That's what I am focused on! That's what I am looking for in the headlines: 'Brandy wears Michael Knight on the red carpet of something.' That's my focus," he said, indicating he was ready to move on. (continue)

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