Is LisaRaye Going To Quit Acting?

Did you hear the wonderful gossip? Rumor has it that LisaRaye is going to finally quit acting after marrying the Cake Daddy of her dreams. She is also set to come out with a line of ponytail hair extension pieces. Yes! Finally, a gift I can share with my family as a stocking stuffer during the holidays. I hope she sells them on the Home Shopping Network so she can go head to head with that Toni Pony woman. That bitch irks my nerves. I wish I would pay $27.99 + shipping and handling for a clip-on ponytail.

Anyway, Supa Cindy is reporting that the women of Turks & Caicos aren't feeling LisaRaye too much.

I had the pleasure and honor of being asked to host the celebration concert for Premier minister Missick of the Turk and Caicos known in the U.S. for taking Lisa Raye out of the poverty line by marrying her! hee hee. The island of Turks has alot of money and the rich of the island are really really rich!! As I was sitting through the ceremony of promoting Dr Missick from Chief Minister to Premier Minister I noticed something, that the people of Turks ESPECIALLY the women DO NOT LIKE their First Lady Lisa Raye. When it was time to applause for her the applause was weak!

Whenit was time to applause for her the applause was weak! Another thing I noticed was the horror of Lisa Raye's daughter's HAIR!! WTF??? Her daughter had the nerve to have the front of her head gelled to the MAX with a frizzy poofball ponytail on the upper right side of her head????? There was press from across the globe, this event will go in the history books and her hair was a straight MESS!!

Well at least her daughter was around for once. I heard that LisaRaye shipped her off to a boarding school.

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