Star & Al Are Still In Love, Aww

Let's keep it funky here. I know Media Take Out is a entertainment and gossip just like C+D but you would be a damn fool if you believe some of the shit that comes off of that page. They're probably going to give Arsenio Hall bird flu next week.

Forget those rumors that you've heard about Star Jones Reynolds and husband Al Scales Reynolds being headed for divorce court. Not true, I am told. A friend of the couple told me last week that the latest reports, which originated on the online blog Media Take Out, are "completely fabricated works of fiction because face it, Star is hot right now."

The Media Take Out report claimed Jones Reynolds' banker husband "visited the offices of the divorce law firm Blank Rome LLP in New York's Chrysler Building." The report went on to say that her husband had a two-hour meeting in the building and then attempted to "quietly sneak out of the building. But before he could leave, [a] witness tells MediaTakeOut.com, 'I walked up to him and said, 'Al, is that you', and Al ran out of the building-almost knocking over a pregnant woman." (continue at BV)

More Rumor Control: Is Kelly Preggers?

The former member of the best selling female group of all time has announced that she is pregnant. She was interviewed with AMG, and confirmed that she was indeed 2 months pregnant. Rumors have been circulating through the media about her being pregnant but was never confirmed until today. She says " It was definately a suprise! Its kind of a bitter-sweet feeling because I was planning to release an album next year". She also told AMG that it will be pushed back to end of 2007, or beggining [Yes, beggining. - - Fresh] of 2008.

Keith Slogan - AMG (AMGMusic.com)

Say it with me gang: we don't believe you, you need more people. And by more people I don't mean these chicks. The website for AMG Music doesn't even exist. Enough said.

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