Buzz Notes Quickie

- Fat Joe, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Paul Wall and Remy Martin have been doing their bit to clean up the New York streets by staging a free concert for kids. The kids did four hours of community service, cleaning up the streets for a free ticket.

I made my bed, washed the dishes, and took out the trash. So where's my concert?

- Michael Jackson plans to reinvent himself as a booty-chasing rapper. The troubled singer believes the image of a womanising hip-hop star is the perfect way to come back after his acquittal on child-sex charges. Sources say the one-time King of Pop plans to return with a new harder sound. The 47-year-old is also writing a charity single to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

- The New York Daily News reports that Destiny's Child star Beyonce Knowles appeared out of her element at the Bon Jovi concert at Madison Square Garden on Monday night. She accompanied boyfriend Jay-Z, who was there as president of Def Jam to check out the Island Def Jam label's star rockers. "Anybody who still thinks her relationship with Jay-Z is just a publicity stunt should have seen the look on her face," laughed a spy. "She was definitely being the dutiful girlfriend. She didn't know any of the songs, and they left before the end of the show."

In Bey-Z (you saw that shit here first) related news, check out Jay's main chick rocking the Miss Celie hat. I guess she didn't feel like putting her wig on. Its cool though, my Grandma does the same shit.

- Hulking hip-hop boss Marion "Suge" Knight is considering quitting the rap game and becoming a college football coach. The Death Row Records founder, who was shot in the leg last month, says he wants to take gang youths in L.A. and turn them into athletes. "I'm at a point where probably in the next couple of years I'm gonna go coach football," he tells contactmusic.com. "It's something I enjoy. I don't need a paycheck for it." The 325-pound Knight went to University of Nevada at Las Vegas on a football scholarship and briefly played for the Oakland Raiders.

You would have to be smoking that shit Paris Hilton chiefs on to let your child play for Suge. If the kids lose they will probably be hung from a building by their ankles.

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