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Snatch the cat back and do your stank walk! Khia is back with more advice in her Hood magazine column 'Tough Love.' I don't want to give you too much sugar in one taste so I will try to stretch things out for the next couple of days. Here's your first round.

Hey Khia I need some real advice from the Thug Misses. I have been gay I think for the last two years, but I still hang around the same niggas I grew up with. I know they will never understand. I pretend to like women to fit in but really that's not what I want. I am a thug and all my homies are thugs. What should I do?

--Want to come out

What's really hood Want To Come Out,

Boy look here, my mouth is still hanging dropped down to the floor because I see this all the time hip hop. All these gay ass thugs that, want to be rappers, when they really soft as cotton taking more dick than me. No disrespect, but I'm just keeping it real. I'm sure you have fucked a few, LOL. This is some new shit that's needs to be addressed. I mean, you use to be able to spot a punk a mile away now, ya'll dressing like thugs, this shit is confusing. Boy come out the closet and tell the rest of your gay thug buddies to come out with you. Half of ya'll playing the role as a thug, living a lie, and got bitches thinking ya'll really thugs. The reality is, ya'll getting more dick than us. Come on now, let's play fair. If you want dick, say it loud and proud, don't keep secrets and leave people in the blind. If their really your dogs, they should already know. Now I'm not saying they ain't going to beat your ass or stop fucking with you for lying all this time, but at least you'll be being real with yourself and really that's all that matters. There's so many homo thugs out there, damn another one down. Ladies please strap up. The thugs ain't safe no more, no disrespect to the gay men out there. Hell I love me some dick too but damn stop stalking out all our men. We have enough problems with the bitches, it's 20 to 1. Lord please let my people go, hello!!!!!


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