You Sent It! // New Jack Swing Tour Review

I've been smoking crack in Dubai with Amy and Blake for the past three days. You know, just in case you are wondering where I disappeared to. Now on with it!


Last night I attended the New Jack Swing tour here in Atlanta. (Please don’t ask me WHY I brought tickets.) Let me say that it was very interesting to say the least.

First off every group that performed was about foolishness. After 7 – missing 2 members. Guy missing Teddy and Damion. Aaron how the fuck you gonna call yourself “Guy” and its just you? Bobby had a sprained ankle so he couldn’t dance that much but I though he did OK other than singing songs we didn’t know. Stick w/ the hits Bobby. Also you could tell he had been in the gym b/c he is looking better he sung this song from his “new album” that was kinda fly.

OK so K-Ci and Jojo are the reason I wrote this email. *sigh*K-Ci looked as if someone woke him out of a drunk sleep to perform. I immediately stood and did for the entire performance b/c I knew that there was 150% chance of foolery. He flew out on stage and opened w/ Life and did his signature leg shake kick thing. Then about 2 songs later he went into their remake of Bobby Womack “If you think you lonely now.” This time this big slave looking mofo picks K-Ci puts him on his shoulders and carries him around the audience while he sings. To which my mother leans over to me and says “damn he got K-Ci’s dick and nuts piled on his neck…that’s not good.” So they closed w/ “All my life.” This is where K-Ci blew his cover. So you know at the end of the song where he ad-libs and says” Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah Babe!” in only the way he can sing it? Well he had his mic away from his mouth to where we could see he was lip singing. Then he misses this about 3 more times. He forgot his own song. He then realizes how foolish he looks and begins laughing. Gotta love it.

Well I had to tell you b/c I am a daily reader and huge fan of you and C&D and I know that K-Ci and Bob-Bay are a couple of your faves. When it was happening I thought Fresh will appreciate this. Sorry I couldn’t get a photo but the phone on my camera isn’t that great.

- - Alma

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