Wife Sues Hubby for Share of Lotto Winnings Kept Secret

The couple in happier times on their wedding day

I'm not dealing with this today.

Donna Campbell's husband had the six figures he needed to win a cut of a $19 million Florida lottery jackpot, and now Campbell has six figures she wants from the man she says disappeared without sharing the prize — $300,000.

Campbell is suing her husband, Arnim Ramdass, for half of the $600,000 she claims was his share of a lump-sum payout when he and several coworkers at American Airlines hit the jackpot in June 2007.

She filed the suit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court in early November. Ramdass, however, cannot be found.

Richard Lara, Campbell's lawyer, said that after his client and Ramdass, 51, fought about the lottery ticket, he stopped showing up for work and disappeared.

Campbell, 47, a runner-up at the 1979 Miss Trinidad and Tobago beauty pageant and a former model, started becoming suspicious after the June 20 lottery drawing when she noticed her husband of seven years acting oddly, Lara said.

First, the Internet service was shut off, and then the telephone went dead, Lara said.

When Campbell asked her husband why her access was being cut off, he told her he was just switching carriers, the lawyer said.

But Campbell's suspicions grew when a postcard arrived in the mail thanking Ramdass for the purchase of a new home. Campbell hadn't heard anything about the sale from her husband.

Campbell told CourtTVnews.com that they still didn't have Internet service at home, but she went online and found her answer with a simple search: a press release from the Florida lottery.

The press release said a $19 million jackpot went to a company called Ibis Corporation, listing the names of a group of her husband's coworkers. There was a Ramdass on the list, but it wasn't Campbell's husband — it was Janelle Ramdass, his daughter from a previous marriage. The company, Lara contends, was formed as way to hide the money from Campbell.

Lara said Campbell went home and asked her husband, "Don't you have something to tell me?" [continue]


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