Rumors Gone Wild: Rapper / Preacher Mase Involved In Accident While Picking Up A Transvestite

Someone is trying to destroy Mase.

The rapper turned minister Mason Betha, otherwise known as Mase, was involved in an accident late last night in Atlanta, GA. According to the young lady involved in the accident, Mase, while making an illegal right hand turn, struck her Range Rover as she was traveling on Spring St. towards North Avenue.

According to other witnesses in the area, Mase had circled the block 6 times trying to pick up a transvestite who was in the area. After the accident, Mase remained in his vehicle with a towel covered over his head. The police officer working the accident demanded several times that Mase step out of the car or roll down the window. Witnesses say that Mase remained seated in the car while his care was being towed.

Do you really want to hurt Mase? Do you really want to make him cry? That is some Pulitzer Prize winning type of mess. If this email find its way into your inbox hit the delete button instead of forwarding it to your work homies.

I'm not going to front, if wish Mason did go on the hunt for some transgender tang it would've made my day but unfortunately I'm going to have to classify this gossip as garbage. I want to see a video clip, a camera phone picture, SOMETHING. My heart is heavy over this. I betcha the same person who made up the Bow Wow / Jay-Z / Ciara rumor last year is responsible for this one.

UPDATE: Here's the audio of the young lady dishing the details of the accident. You be the judge. After listening to the interview I think homegirl's story may actually be legit. I believe that the email quoted above is an example of people trying to pass the story along while adding their own flavor to it in the process.

I still want to see some crime scene footage or evidence but whatever. It's gossip and this is a gossip site. Thanks for the audio link Bgal!

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