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Carl Lewis + A Lycra Onesie = Pure Fiyah


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Ciara's In Touch jewelry spread [Platform Launch Action]

Same girl stories [YBF]

Did you watch the Real World Las Vegas last night? [Juicy News]

Ludacris talks about his package to Playboy [Bossip]

Rihanna out and about with her umbrella [Cake & Ice Cream]

Scoop and Shanda's Memorial Day BBQ [Man & Wife TV]

New Music from Kizzy Rowland and Mya [Concrete Loop]

Is Keyshia Cole effing for studio time and tracks? [Rhymes With Snitch]

I would love to link more Black entertainment sites daily but if your website makes my browser crash every time I log on that's a bit of a problem. We've got to do better.

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Where's Black Rob?

Nice to see you too, Joc.

Between me and you, the verse on "It's Goin' Down" when he says "ask me how I know/it's me/surprise!" slays me every time I hear it. I don't know why, it just does!

Anyway, Assie, Mario Winans, Elephant Man and others joined Sean "I'll hit a bitch with a barstool for television ratings" Combs at the Bad Boy Up Front event last night at Sony Studios in New York City. Cheri Dennis managed to pull a Houdini and escape from a cobwebbed dungeon in Alcatraz to attend. Craig Mack, get on your job. Keep these broads at bay!


Top Chef

This post comes just in time for lunch, tasty! Ainsley Harriott is a popular British television chef, best-selling author and the definition of sweet action personified. Forget Rachel Ray, that bitch and her 10 minute meals make my vagina drier than Ezekiel bread. I can get with this. Give it to Mama.

More goodies under the cut.


Tasia Mae Will Make You Fhel Real Spekshell

Fantasia and the cast of The Color Purple celebrated the one millionth audience member at curtain call on Wednesday night. Congrats Veronica Calderone! The reviews for Fanny's portrayal as Miss Celie have been smoking. I joke around and blame my typos in the comment section on her but I've got nothing but love for the girl. Hell, I am even willing to give a blind eye to those camera phone pictures.

[Thanks Tisha]

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Go-Go celebrated the grand opening of his studio, Carrington House, last night inside what appears to be the rec room at the Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta. I know Tango's back is aching this morning from stacking up all those folding chairs at the end of the night.

Melyssa Ford & Lil' Scrappy; Tango & Ne-Yo; Paula Campbell & Go-Go

Two Under Paid Negroes


Window Licker PSA

Your favorite window licking rapper Consequence has taken all four skits from his album Don't Quit Your Day Job and created live versions. Watching this made me feel mad uncomfortable. I didn't know if I should laugh or what.

I am willing to bet a cold bowl of grits that he was one of the kids in high school who received class credit for P.E. for sweeping the gym's floor. I'm just saying.


Quick Quotes

"...It's not many guys who can go after Ray J. The man got a huge meat, okay? ... He got length on him. I got the width, the shit is wide. He got a foot on him. Man got a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man, no homo. I know when respect is due. The man swangin'. Ya'll seen that shit, ya'll know the man swangin'." -- T-Pain talks to SOHH about Ray J's love muscle and his fantasy women

Both of Ya'll Need To Eat

Clifford is really serious about this dual personality shit. Last week he was on 106 & Park trying to explain the difference between T.I. and T.I.P. and made absolutely no sense.

Yanno, I've been thinking of doing a Fresh vs Freshalina type of picture for my Myspace profile. The Fresh picture is going to be of me giving my best prison mean mug with my wig cocked to the side of my head holding a dutch masters cigar standing in front of JJ's Rib Shack. This is why I'm hot. Don't steal my idea! I'm not sure what to do about the Freshalina flick though. Suggestions?


Master P Is Trying To Destory Me, Again

Master P and his son Romeo will be releasing the first ever father/son hip hop album titled Hip Hop History on September 4th. The same day as the recently pushed back third album from 50 Cent.


"My whole thing is to show people that we can still make street music that sells and make people think at the same time," Master P said in an interview with BET.com. "I have a mission to do that."

The first single from the album which is a joint project with P's son Romeo will be "If We Change."

All Percy had to do was put together a video dissing Curtis on YouTube but nooooo. I need dubs, ya'll.


Guaranteed Fresh

Is there beef in the wig crypt? [Juiicy Scoop]

Top 25 album flops [ONTD]

Rachel, Ava and Dame take a stroll in New York City [Sandra Rose]

Beanie Sigel plays Peedi Peedi closely closely [Nova Slim]

Mel B goes house hunting with her new man [Juicy News]

Someone please make Shittar disappear already [VH1 Blog]

Listen to Remy Ma's dirty voicemail [Jesus Hearts Music]

Trina still raps? GTFOH! [Cake & Ice Cream]

A T.Error Mari update [That Grape Juice]

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Aretha Shapes Up For Wedding Day

ReRe the Body has signed up with Jenny Craig and is limiting herself to 1,750 daily calories in an effort to slim down for her wedding next month to Willie "Catfish" Wilkerson.

Get it right, get it tight!

Aretha tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "I'm at 1,750 calories a day and I'm starving. You just have to get used to portions and changing your lifestyle."

"I lost 23 or 24 pounds to begin with, but it's kind of a strain when you get to 23 or 24 pounds. That's why I got off of it."

"It's a strain because you're eating the Jenny Craig-type meals, which are very good. But you can only eat them for so long before you want some barbecue ribs or some pigs feet. Once you get off that Jenny Craig thing and you start eating what you've been eating, it's all over."

Aretha, I'm going to give it to you straight: Don't lose that ass. You can drop all the weight you want to but that ass is sacred to me.

Get It While It's Hot!

"This here will look real nice hanging on the same wall as my dope boy Martin Luther King Jr. throwing up a peace sign wearing a New Era fitted and white tee. Or I could put in my dining room since Claudette's bad ass kids cracked the frame on my Last Supper piece with Tookie Williams sitting in the middle. Do they accept EBT cards?"

Ever wanted to own a piece of Michael Jackson's personal memorabilia? Here's your chance. Around 1,100 items belonging to LaMike's real father are being auctioned off at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas today and tomorrow.

If you do venture out to Sin City for the sale don't forget to pack a sack lunch and a shank. Check out the goods.

It's His Prerogative

Bobby and his new lady Alicia Etheridge played kissie face for 30 minutes in the back of a truck before he hit the stage at Stereo by the Shore in the Hamptons on Saturday night. During the second verse of "My Prerogative" he suddenly stopped and told the crowd "Sorry, I forgot the words."

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? (source)

Star Tracks: Rihanna

Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Paris holding a copy of her cd Good Girl Gone And Got Her A New Bad Girl Manufactured Image Trying To Move Some Units. Kizzy Rowland must've taught her that trick. Promotion promotion!

I may be reading into the pictures too much but she doesn't appear to be her normal sunny self. I think she may have had some bad stuffed camel the night before. The nuts were probably rancid. Damn you hotel chef, damn you to hell. Ella ella ella ah!

Plies - "Shawty" (Feat. T-Pain)

Testicular Pain must be stopped.

I can't speak on the national reception that "Shawty" is receiving but if you live in Georgia/Florida (Ft. Myers I see you) then chances are you've heard it beating down your block or blasting in a club.

The video features cameos from Rap City's DJ Q45, comedian Lil' Duval, Rich Boy, Skooby from the auto parts store, Donkey and Rick Ross. Yeah, not a very impressive role call but you know how much I love men with eating disorders, hooves and titty gravy so I had to post this.


Usher Will 'Whup' Some Ass Over Tameka

According to syndicated host Tom Joyner, the mild-mannered Grammy winner recently threatened to "whup my a-" after Joyner joked about rumored tension between Foster and Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton.

Joyner said Usher called him off-air to complain about claims that Foster urged him to "fire" Jonetta as his manager. (Word is Usher was particularly unamused when Daily News contributor Jawn Murray quipped to Joyner during the broadcast: "I wonder if he's going to put a pink slip in her Mother's Day card?") (source)

A source tells the Daily News that Usher also hit up Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez to "ask them to lay off Tameka." Um, no?


Quick Quotes

"Just because I've got money , just because I eat steak and, you know, eat chicken breast that cost $30, and I eat McDonald's too, but you know, the thing about it is I don't care. I know we're going to have to hit the chitlin circuit again. You feel me?" -- Ray-J talks dollars but doesn't make sense in Sister 2 Sister

"I never edited my speech with my daughter, and I talked to her liked I talked to my friends but she could not answer me back the same way. I recall hearing when she was three talking to her friends and saying 'f*#$ you'. She understood the context of different words. We took her to a wedding once and was asking her about some food and she replied, 'What is that s*&$?'" -- Samuel L. Jackson's rethinks cursing around children

"Man please, I've got enough to do. We already did that. I have talked to him about working with him again but I've got too much to do. I've got 900 products. I'm 74 years old. Give me a break." -- Quincy Jones snubs Michael Jackson's comeback album

I'm Just Saying . . .

Beyonce stripped down for Vibe and Kelly is taking it off for King so the natural progression would be Michelle wearing a thong on the cover of Savoy. Right?

[Thanks Melly Mel]

Somebody Is Trying To Destroy Remy Ma

Last week, rumors circulated on the Internet that former Terror Squad MC, Remy Ma, left a sexually explicit voice message for Ralphige, a Miami-based jokester who’s gained notoriety by prank calling artists such as Michael Jackson, Method Man, Chamillionaire, Akon and others.

During the voice message, Remy Ma leaves a message for an unknown individual, asking if he would like to receive oral sex. But according to Remy’s publicist, Jennifer Turner, the voice message is not real and was intended to be a skit on her upcoming album. “This is not a real voice message,” Turner says. “Remy recorded this as a skit for her upcoming album, PunishHer, and the wrong person got a hold of it and is now trying to use it against her by fabricating this false story and then releasing it on the Internet. This is nothing more than a vicious attempt to slander Remy’s character and image.

No words.


Mimi Plays Herself

Throwback Mariah is the best.

SOHH reports that Mimikins will spoof herself and her life in the upcoming film short, Lovers & Haters.

The Spike Lee directed movie is a spoof of the life of Carey, with the 'lovers and haters' (like, duh!) that she encounters along the way, and how she overcomes those obstacles to still be one of the most talented and loved musical sensations in history.


Carey worked alongside Benny Medina as executive producer on the 15 minute, $5 million film short.

I'm no casting director but Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs would make an excellent on-screen father. You and I both know that Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington is that negro when it comes to portraying the stereotypical angry black daddy. All I am going to say is "The Jacksons: An American Dream."

Guaranteed Fresh

Thanks Nelson!

Digimon is a family man [Bossip]

Counterfit condoms being sold in Harlem [All Hip Hop]

Miss USA takes a fall [ONTD]

Sanjaya: "I am art" [Yahoo]

Kanye shows CL some love, drops new video [Concrete Loop]

Brandy gets sued, again [Juicy News]

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Gaymonn Gets It Wet!

Fresh fish on deck boys. Get it while its slippery and wet. Gaymonn and fashion designer Richie Rich (part of the duo behind label Heatherette) took a midnight dip in a pool at the Vienna Disco "Volksgarten." Gaymonn is channelling his inner Blaxploitation film star and I love it. I bet he has an assortment of lip gloss hidden in his 'fro.

Off rip, I would be his cabana girl any time, any place. I don't care who's around.



First off, I hope everybody had a lovely long weekend. I know I did. Guess who I had the pleasure of meeting in all his bony glory? Whoo hoo! I told you stalking would pay off. Although my right breast is heavier than his total body weight, he was actually very nice. The only person left now to swoon over in person is LaMike.

Speaking of which, the love of my life is now taking his turn with Kim Kardashian. WHY?! A bitch goes on vacation and I have to come back to this? Jesus be a morning after pill.

LaMike was spotted by paparazzi cameras leaving Hollywood hot spot Mr. Chow's with that home wrecker.

Vengeance is mine; I will repay. Watch your back, Kimberly.

[Thanks Anne & Dom]



Have A Great Weekend

I'm keeping this picture of Floyd Mayweather Sr. up to keep all the evil spirits away from the site while I'm gone. Get familiar!

[Thanks Drewfizzle]

Girlfriends > Future BET Blackbuster Films

Jill Marie Jones as Tanya Diggs

Jill looks like she is about to pull the latest issue of Watchtower out of her purse at any moment. Let us bow our heads.

Brian and Tanya Diggs have always been a timid, law abiding, and somewhat nerdy couple. They've yearned their entire lives to just cut loose and have fun, but they don’t know how. They've tried everything, even therapy, and nothing seems to work. They seemed destined to live the rest of their lives in boredom and monotony.

However, late one night Brian finds himself in a challenging confrontation that causes him to finally snap, resulting in him killing someone. Brian confides in Tanya about his murderous deed. Not only has he committed murder, but surprisingly, Brian realized that he truly enjoyed it. His next attempt at murder goes awry, causing Tanya to get involved. She, too, realizes that she enjoys murder. Brian and Tanya have finally found something that gives them the thrill they’ve been seeking their entire lives… murder! (read more)

On second thought, future BET Blackbuster films on a Sunday afternoon.

I Need Answers

  1. Who is that man walking behind Timbaland and what is his job title, exactly?
  2. What is he carrying in that bag?
  3. When did he decide to stop popping steroids?
  4. Where in the hell are they walking to?
  5. Why is Timbo wearing my Granny's orthopedic shoes?
  6. How did two bearilla sightings happen in one week?!


YouTube Clip of the Day


No Justice, No Peace

Gel-N- Weave; Lil' Scrappy; WTF?

When news broke earlier this week that Diamond (one half of Gel-N-Weave) was arrested and charged with aggravated assault I was devastated. After learning that her bond was posted at $20,000.00 I did what any other CEO would and sprung into action: I hit up amateur night at the strip club.

And rocked my hips, then waved and sipped.

Diamond celebrated her 19th birthday in a fuck effort themed bash on Tuesday night. Visit Dennis Byron to view more pics from the bash. Also be sure to check out Sandra Rose's chit-chat with Lady Di.


Lil' Wayne Wouldn't Care If Trina Was A Prostitute

Lil' Wayne and Trina reunited on stage Wednesday night at Miami L.I.V.E.

Break out the Black Flag.

According to gossip maven Supa Cindy, during his performance of "Prostitute Flange," (listen) Weezy gave the Rhinestone Diamond Princess his full attention. How fitting. After placing a blue silk handkerchief on the microphone and falling back, Trina joined him on stage and began rapping "Here We Go." She was so consumed with Wayne's presence that she forgot the lyrics.

Things came to a sudden stop as the two shared a 30 second long gaze before exchanging smoldering hot kisses (ugh), tears and all that "Baby I love you and miss you" shit. The crowd responded to the public display of infection, um, affection by popping champagne and cheering.

I already know what you are thinking and I'm having a hard time believe that one too. I'm all for Black love but I'll be damned if I pour out my Dixie cup of Wild Irish Rose for those idiots.


Guaranteed Fresh

Tevin! Tevin! Tevin! [Concrete Loop]

Ned the Wino to Jessica Simpson: "Once you go black . . . " [TMZ]

Laila Ali's dishes details about her big wedding plans [People]

Jilly from Philly has a message for haters [Vibe Confidential]

Curtis looks constipated on his new album cover [MTV's Suckerfree Blog]

Rihanna explains her new diet and workout regimen [ONTD]

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Jesus Be A Remote

I'm late as hell! I had no idea that Mo'Nique was announced as the host of the 2007 BET Awards until I read about it on Hip & Pop today. Twiggy chicks in attendance have my sympathy. There is no telling how many "skinny women are evil" jokes and snide remarks Mo will hurl in their direction. Rihanna was last year's lucky recipient of the big girl side eye when the two presented an award together.

Will There Be A Line of Assless Chaps?

Jim Jones revealed details about his clothing line during a recent stop at DJ Kay Slay's Shade 45 radio show.

"Shout out to my momma, we got a clothing line we started called Nostic. We started it from the ground up with our own money; it's been doing pretty good. We've been grinding going to Magic shows and things like that. We got a long way ahead but we in charge of the swag so I'm bound to make some money," said Jim.

A shirt with a shit stain in the shape of a skull head etched in swarovski crystals would be dope but a scratch n' sniff bearilla scented thermal would be a DREAM. I know what I want for Christmas.


Isaiah Washington's New PSA

Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington's public service announcement combating homophobia is set to begin airing tonight on ABC.

The PSA is the result of a January meeting with Neil G. Giuliano, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and Kevin Jennings, founder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network following a public outcry of Washington's use of the word "faggot" during a heated exchange with fellow Grey's star T.R. Knight and used the epithet again at the Golden Globe Awards. (source)


Star Tracks: Stevie Wonder

That hair! That flavor saver! That Gordon Gartrell limited edition smoking jacket! There is only one person . . . well, two people, who can pull this look off. And you are not one of them.

Stevie was in good spirits last night after leaving a tribute to his friend Paul Simon. Ebony and Ivory is still hanging in there, ya'll.

Riddle me this Batman: Why is Stevie always dressed like he just left a Black History Month luncheon? Boy stop.


The "Say Something Nice" Challege


Aunt Viv photographed with Kenny Burns in Atlanta on 05.23.07

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American Idol Is Ovah!

SANJAYA; Margaret Fowler; Ian Bernardo; Bobby Trendy

Well slap me with a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care and call me Christopher Darden! The season finale of American Idol wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. It was actually chocked full of nuts surprises. Sholandric Stallworth's perm game was tight, Sanjaya's locks flowed in the wind, Doug E. Fresh had a beatboxing contest with YT and for the first time since 1993 Bette Midler didn't look like her character in Hocus Pocus.

Hell, Tony Bennett even managed to unhook his I.V. and sneak pass the nurses station to attend the show. Congratulations Jordin Sparks!

Blake Timberlake Lewis & Doug E. Fresh

Paris Bennett; Smokey Robinson & Blake Lewis; Simon Cowell & Terri Seymour; Mandisa Hundley

Jordin Sparks & Ruben Studdard

Lakisha Jones; George Huff; Jennifer Hudson; Taylor Hicks

Melinda Doolittle, Gladys Knight and LaKisha Jones

Ryan Seacrest,Kenneth Briggs and Jonathan Jayne, winners of the Golden Idol Award for Best Buddies

BeBe, MeMe and CeCe

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