Foxy Brown = Damn Thief!

Fox Boogie has really become the poster child for lame and random behavior for female rappers. First she snuffs a bitch because she didn't want to pay for a manicure, then she makes 'terroist' threats against a personal assistant, and now she's in hot water for shoplifting.

I may have given her a pass is she was stealing, say, some new MAC lipglass. But that's not the case of course.

Cops are investigating claims made by an upscale Greenwich Village boutique that Brown stormed out with two belts costing nearly $400 apiece on Thursday, The Post has learned. "I was going to just call her and tell her to get those f-ing belts back - but I guess I'm pressing charges," said Tony Khayat, owner of L'impasse on West 8th Street.

Khayat said Brown has been a long-time customer and has had her fits of diva behavior before, but this takes the cake. "I'm very upset. I gave her free clothing the day before yesterday. It's unbelievable," Khayat told The Post. "I just want to make an example of this. What gives her the right to take what doesn't belong to her?"

Calls to Brown's three lawyers were not immediately returned. Her most recent publicist, Marvet Britto, said she no longer represents Brown. Abdul Sal was the clerk in the store when Brown, 26, demanded to enter at 9:45 p.m. - an hour after the shop had closed.

Brown was wearing cut-off jean shorts, a black tank top and paper pedicure slippers with cotton between her toes and fresh orange nail polish on them at the time. She had dropped off some lingerie the previous day for tailoring, but the items weren't ready, Sal said.

"She said, 'I don't f-ing care, I'm not leaving until it's done!' " said Sal. The tiny rapper got belligerent with Sal, yelling and cursing at him. She can be seen flailing her arms wildly in a surveillance video viewed by The Post. Brown haggled over the price of a gold rhinestone belt to match the free brown leather dress Khayat had graciously given her.

Dissatisfied with Sal's offer, he said she put the belt in her bag, stormed out, and then took another silver one as she was leaving - without paying for either.

Survey says! Hoe sit your ass down.

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