Lord H.A.M. Mercy

Funeral services were held this weekend for the legendary Richard Pryor. Fellow comedians Mike Epps and Mo'Nique (along with her King Kong legs) were among the many faces who came out to celebrate the life of the deceased legend. I don't know why they let Auntie Diana out of the house looking like the wicked witch from the west. Peep the girl in the background expression, haha. That pretty much says it all. Diana is too old to be an attention whore, plain and simple. Now I would expect this type of behavior from her friend Wacko Jacko but not her.

Don't forget that "The Funniest Man Dead Or Alive" airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. (et/pt) on BET. Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, and Steve Harvey along with others will pay homage to Pryor's comedic greatness.

Rumor Control

Yesterday I received an tip from my girl Jaden that model Vida Guerra now works out of Miami for an Atlanta based escort service. The email contained a link to an escort site called Britneysplace.com and I decided to check it out for myself. If you scroll down to the name "Angelina" you will clearly see (possibly NSFW) two photographs featuring Ms. Guerra. Now I highly doubt that Vida has resorted to slutting herself out for $850.00 per hour. My theory is that the brains behind the website posted the picture of her only to get potential clients biting. However this is the Superhead era so you never know.

I've never been a big fan of Olivia. For whatever reason her whole image just screams transvestite. Anyways, Rizoh hooked me up with some before and after pictures of the first lady of G-Unit. Look like she grew some breast when she joined 50 at the candy shop. Gotta sell that laffy taffy! Oh well, you see her little spread in King did nothing for her album sales. Her shit got pushed back further than Mary J. Blige's hairline on the cover of Vibe.

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