Damn, It Must Feel Good To Pay Less

What happened behind the scenes between Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton at the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons? Sources close to Atlanta Gossip (AG) says that the two pop divas had an altercation after Mariah spilled beer on Toni's boots and walked away without an apology. To top it off Carey called the boots cheap. "Did those come from Payless?" she said. The singers were on hand to perform two songs at halftime at the nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game where Braxton sung the national anthem. Sources close to the Braxton camp say that Toni was really upset about the whole incident, but brushed it off her shoulder to go on and belt out the anthem. (via Atlanta Gossip)

More evidence that supports my theory that Mariah Carey is one crazy bitch. She is too old to be told. At least Toni didn't come dressed like she was ready to hit the stroll after the game.

Fresh's Two Cents

As previously mentioned earlier today Kirk Franklin appeared on "Oprah" to talk about his addiction to porn. When I first heard the buzz about this a few months back I couldn't believe it. However reality sat in real quick and I put my judgments aside. Is he supposed to be immune to the same temptation as the next person just because he is a gospel star (I ripped that sentence off from "He Got Game") ? Not all. At the end of the day Kirk is human. I applaud him for being man enough to come out to the general public to speak about his problem. In my opinion I believe that his appearance on Oprah will definitely get both sinners and sanctified people talking. It may also very well help another person suffering from the same addiction.

On the flip side of things I'm kind of salty that Oprah didn't have any women on the show. I know quite a few females who have the same appetite for porn as a 21 year old frat boy. Gotta see all sides of the spectrum.

Blog Watch (you are being watched)

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edit: ODB aka Saucy Dame is conducting a project called Ready For The World. Submit your pictures today! I'm trying to decide on which one of my 1,001 pictures to choose from.

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