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In additional BET backstage chatter, Tyrese said he's making the transition from R&B into rap under the moniker Black Ty. The artist is at work on an album called "Alter Ego," a double-CD project that will feature R&B on one disc and hip-hop on the other. Among the confirmed guests artists is Kurupt.

Lil' Wayne Loves Trina, Aww!

In New York to promote his latest album Tha Carter 2, Cash Money President Lil' Wayne dropped more than a few bombs before the big release.The New Orleans rapper announced that he was in love with none other than the Diamond Princess, Trina. "Yep, I'm in love, in love, in love", he told AllHipHop.com while holding Trina's hand. Trina, who was sitting beside her man throughout the entire interview, also exclaimed she was "officially happy and in love."When asked to comment further on the relationship the pair of love birds refused . Lil' Wayne and Trina have been stirring up the mill in recent months with rumors of their unconfirmed romance. Trina recently appeared on the Wendy Williams show saying that she and Wayne were engaged and expecting a child, but later went on to deny it saying she was 'only playing up to the rumors'. (via All Hip Hop)

50's Magic Stick

Actress Joy Bryant amused friends last week with tales from the set of "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," in which she stars opposite 50 Cent. Apparently one scene called for Senor Cent to seem nude, but the first-time actor didn't realize he need not literally take off all his clothes on the set. "He came out butt-naked," Bryant said, according to a pal who heard the story. "I told him to go to the wardrobe department and go put a sock on." To the amusement of cast and crew, he duly reappeared wearing the biggest sock anyone had ever seen.

By The Way . . . .

- I really got to get in on this 15 seconds of fame thing. Omaroacha took this fine piece of man to BET's 25 show? Delusions of grandeur. If you're thinking to yourself that he looks familiar you probably remember him from appearing in Ciara's "And I" video.

- Check out Tyra Banks as Paris Hilton for her Halloween show.

- Denimaxxx fur recently held an auction in NYC. Tocarra, the chick from Twista's "Overnight Celebrity' video, Misa Hilton Brim, and Lala were just a few in attendance who came to lend their support. Everyone is now buzzing about Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy!) and Brandy's ex fiance Quentin Riachardson getting close. If this is true or not remains unknown but I will say that they do look nice together. (via All The Parties)

- Who's the sexiest man in the NFL? Cast your votes now! And remember kids STD's are not a good look (Mike Vick I'm looking at you) .

- Spike Lee and family. I'm not sure what to say for once.

- Shouts out to Matthew over at Raven's World. If you are a fan of Miss Symone this website will surely please your appetite for the starlet.


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