The Second Annual H.A.M. Awards
This was so bad I had to dedicate a post to it.

- Sheryl Underwood gives a new meaning to the color purple. Purple lipstick, purple eye shadow, purple gums. Why is she showing the stretch marks across her breast? That's not hot. Foxy are you looking at this? This may be you in a couple of years, keep playing.

- Who are you and why did you come?

- I know Richard Pryor isn't dead but after seeing Kim Whitley squeeze into this tight ass dress he will surely collapse on the floor. I will give her props on her hair and make up which looked great (compared to everyone else). But getting Chung Lee over at the flea market to iron a picture on your cocktail dress is not a good idea.

- Bernie Mac should kick your ass for walking out the house like this.

- Everybody can't afford diamonds from Jacob's. Its a sad reality, yes I know. However, you can cop one of those $.99 necklaces from Fashion Bug and show out! Why does she have on that fire truck engine red lipstick and clown make up? I'm not going to mention her pimp cup because that's so 2003.

- Miss Black California looked country as hell. You don't have to wear your slash everywhere now that you've won. Do you see me wearing my cap and gown to church? No.

- Judge Mablean usually looks great on Divorce Court. So why is she wearing that thick ass make up they put on the dead?

- Finally, the mess of the evening award goes to Thea. I used to love watching her show back in the day but urgh, honey has fell completely off. I don't know WTF is going on with her now days. First off lets talk about her 10 different tattoos across her chest. Is it just me or does that shit look like one of those NFL jackets with all the different team logos? Second, where the fuck is her shoes? And lastly, its bad when a man in drag is sexier than you.

Its plenty more mess available at Getty images. I'm sorry but I can't continue.

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