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Jada And Jay-Z Have A Baby Together

No the Jigga man and Jada Pinkett-Smith are not actually expecting a child. However they have become the primary investors for a chain of future nationwide stores that house beauty products called Carol's Daughter. Carol's Daughter is a beauty and body product line that was created in the kitchen of a Brooklyn woman. She started off making body scrubs, mango butter and other items. The line has been in existence for a few years now but only on an independent level. Now that Jay-Z and Jada Pinkett, along with other investors have taken an interest in the line they plan to grow it to new proportions. The first store in the Carol's Daughter chain opened in Harlem this past week. About the venture Jay-Z says, "The sky is the limit, we plan to open stores in Atlanta, Washington DC and Philladelphia and we may even go as far as France someday anything can happen."

Now I Ain't Sayin' He A Gold Digger, But He Ain't Messin' With No Broke Bitches

Nicole Murphy, the soon to be ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, has found a new love and a new life, but she might want to watch her wallet. Nicole is about to become a very rich divorcee. She has five kids by Murphy, and she is expected to get a hefty chunk of his fortune following their divorce. Nicole left Eddie citing irreconcilable differences, and now she is dating a businessman. Alan Daniels, 36, is the new man in her life. He's been married twice, he has twin sons and he has bad credit. According to published reports, Daniels is considered a male gold-digger who has a string of financial problems from coast to coast. One woman reportedly was left a debt of a half a million dollars following a business deal with him. Eddie is not happy about this news. He has worked hard for his money, and now he stands to lose half of it. And, a good portion could wind up with this new man. Nicole is crazy about Daniels, and she has no plans to return to life with Eddie. How will she protect her money? Is Daniels looking for a windfall? Does he plan to marry her once her divorce comes through? Will Eddie be able to win her back?

Aretha Is Hitting The Gym

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin says she is going to lose weight, and this time, she means it. Aretha says she is doing it in honor of Luther Vandross. Aretha says she and Luther would talk about their weight issues all of the time, and she realizes she needs to lose weight. She says his death was a wakeup call for her. Before his stroke, Luther battled diabetes and high blood pressure. She has lost weight in the past, let’s hope she sticks to it this time.

Lauryn Hill Looks Like The Scarecrow From The Wiz

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And you thought award show season was done right (well, for black people atleast) ? Nope! Hip Hop Honors will air on VH-1 Monday night at 9 pm. Finally, an award show I probably will be able to stomach. I didn't get to watch the first show when it initally aired in '04 (was busy with school) but I did catch it this year. No one cooning on stage? I was impressed. Let's just hope that they won't disappoint this time around.

- The OG Mr. and Mrs. Smith (and I'm not talking about Jada and Will) are still together.
- Ice T and Coco Puffs looking a H.A.M. (hot ass mess) as usual.
- MC Lyte still looks great.
- Faith stole one of my Mama's church dresses.
- We'll always love Big Poppa! B.I.G's Mom and kids smile for the cameras. Doesn't little Chris look so much like his Dad but only 50 times cuter?
- David Banner cleans up well.
- Salt 'N' Pepa look decent after all those years of pushing.
- Um, why did he decide to show up? I hope he's not a presentor.
- Check out the art from the show.
- Queen Latifah looks like she's been to one too many cookouts.
- Snoop looks 'blown' as always.
- Okay I'm going to have a big problem with Cuba Gooding Jr. if he didn't show up to help accept the award for Boyz N Da Hood. I know that nigga gave his ghetto pass back a long time ago but damn. But what's up with the weird facial expressions? Looks like John had a stroke.
- Ciara tries out a new hair color.
- Nelly channels his inner James Todd Smith.
- Last but not least, En Vogue looks tired. Somebody please let them take a nap! I hope they don't pull a Fugees at the BET Awards. They even looked tired at rehearsals. Lord help us.

Click here for more pictures from the event

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