Talking Loud But Ain't Sayin Nothin Lyrics of the Week

Look, baby girl: work it, just don't quit / See, I love it when you young ass shake them tits / You lil' vivrant thang / You like Burger King? / Well, you can go ahead and swing on tha Whopper Ding-a-ling / You make me really lump up in tha pants / Every time I see your sexy ass do that dance / And you can tell your friends you know a / nigga with a dick like a great big cobra / We can bang, bang, bang all night long / Knock your head against tha bed 'til tha inside's gone / When ya see your sister, tell her, "It's alright." / She still make my dick BOOM like dynamite / Tell her Tiger would, but I won't......eat no pussy, cause I don't / You want a nigga that'll fuck ya in tha park in tha grass / You want a nigga that'll stick a big stick in your ass / That fire!

- Mannie Fresh on Juvenile's "I Got That Fire"

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Buzz Notes

Raven Symone To Appear In King?

Almost everyday some horny sex offender who is looking for "nude pussy shots of Raven Symone" is directed to this site. Well his dream may very well being coming true . . . sort of. King is one of the leading black men's magazine (think of a chocolate FHM). So what does this have to do with Raven? According to my gossiping bitches of industry insiders, Ms. Symone will be appearing in an upcoming issues of the magazine. Jamie Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister spoke to her about the risky pictures and she said that "she is going to shock everybody." Now I don't know if I should buy this or not. Raven is having huge success with her show on the Disney channel and I'm not sure if she would actually jeopardize that. On the other hand I can understand her frustrations to not be little Olivia forever.

Trina's Stripper Pictures

Like her buddy Eve, Da Baddest Bitch has "pictures" of her surfacing on the internet back in her skrippa days. I'm not sure how authentic these flicks are but as always you be the judge (NSFW). In my opinion the female in the pictures do resemble Trina. Just think back to when the video for "Nann" was released. Everyone has a twin though and her's might be a dancer like she once was. Whatever the case that was some nasty shit going on in that hotel room.

New Celeb Fit Club

Former Cosby Show kid Tempest Bledsoe, The Parkers "star" Countess Vaughn, old school rapper Young MC and D12 member Bizarre are among the contestants slated for the third season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club. Chastity Bono, Bruvillainsnch, Jeff Conaway and Kelly LeBrock will round out the show out. Now you know I GOT to see this shit.

50 Cent On Howard Stern

If you got 11 extra minutes to spare and you're extremely bored like myself, check this out. His aunt poisoned his dog with roach spray. Which probably affected his ass mentally also.

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