Rappers Say The Darnest Things!

This is the most ignant shit I've read all year long. The following interview is from the August 2005 XXL which shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, myself included. Its bad enough XXL turns into a softcore porn commercial towards the end of the magazine for about five to six pages but this is the muthafucking icing on the cake. In this Train of Thought feature Kaine basically tries to justify his misogynist lyrics for the song "Pull My Hair". *Sigh* You can't make this shit up.

XXL: What was the intention behind making this song?

Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins: Well, we told the female, "Wait 'til you see my dick." That was like the introduction. So, when we get them in the room, we're going to commence to pull on their hair. It's a way of being erotic towards the female, without exceeding the point of being sexual with it. . .

How many women have you really made cry?

I ain't no gigolo, man. I don't get down like that. What I write be picture painting. I just don't exceed a point of realism. The stuff I'm saying, you're going to picture being able to do. Not to say I done did all that rough sex, you know what I'm saying? But, I just don't deal with women like that. I'm Oscar the Grouch, man. All the women like D-Roc!

In reality, how would you treat a lady?

Like a lady! You treat a lady like a lady. You treat a hoe like a hoe. And you treat a bitch like a bitch. So that mean, if you ain't for the hoe and you ain't for the bitch, then you don't need to deal with them.

In this song targeted to a specific woman?

No woman is excluded from what I talk about. We don't push the issue to disrespect women. There are some women who like very much to be respected and some women like being a manner where other women feel its not woman-like.

And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman - Tupac

So basically his mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and other assorted female relatives s are also included. Smart. If you scared, say you scared. Kaine should go learn himself and holla at MJ.

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