it's L Boogie 3000, urh, I meant Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Goes Crazy at the Vibe Musicfest

"Lauryn came out wearing a mushroom wig that made most of us question what was going on in that head of hers. Although her voice was incredibly strong, I question her stability. She was acting very "strange" throughout the entire show. She gave instructions to her band members as which instruments should be played. At one point, she had them start a song over because she felt that someone was off key."

It gets crazier people.

"According to a SOHH.com source on the scene, Hill's entourage requested that the Georgia Dome's backstage area be cleared upon her arrival. Word is everyone backstage had to immediately drop what they were doing and leave the premises. Furthermore, people who couldn't exit promptly were told not to look at Hill as she arrived. Hill's handlers claimed the star didn't want people looking at her and anyone who was still backstage during her arrvial had to face a wall." (source)

"As the event patrons enjoyed the show, the performers were having an equally good time backstage, fellowshipping via handshakes, smiles and blackberrys," explained SOHH.com's VIP source. "That is... until Ms. Hill made her unfashionable entrance into the Georgia Dome with her entourague, demanding the entire backstage area be cleared and that everyone drop what they were doing and scurry into the nearest nook or cranny. On top of that, if you were one of the unlucky people who did not manage to find a corner to huddle into, you were told you could not look at the Queen of England, er, New Jersey. You had to turn your nose to the wall third grade time-out style."

Once considered one of the game's top live performers, Hill appeared lost while performing on the main stage moments later. The artist formerly known as L. Boogie clumsily ran through selections from her classic 1998 LP, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, leaving attendees dumbfounded. Apparently, Hill's set lacked fluidity and songs were often followed by awkward silence. While Hill's voice was still top notch, her singing was unusually off beat and the former Fugee didn't seem to recall her own material. Troubled by the subpar performance, heads began leaving the venue midway through her set. After approximately 4 to 5 songs, Hill exited the stage by simply offering, "Okay, I'm out." According to SOHH.com's anonymous eyewitness, as people left the concert some were heard whispering, "This is the second time I've paid to see her and she pulled that sh!t."

I'm not even going to comment about this but why does she looks a black, female Waldo from Where Is Waldo in that sweater.

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