- I was an avid viewer of All That when it first premiered on Nickelodeon. I remember so vividly how I would drop my jump rope and run full speed inside the house on Saturday evening to catch a glimpse of all the "straight up fo real cuties". Especially Marques Houston aka Batman of Immature. Oh Lord, I was sooo in love with this little negro it was pathetic. I longed to "feel his funk" so badly. I didn't care about the fact that he could wear his hair down and I was still rocking a sponge roller bang and plaits. I wanted to glide my fingertips across his baby hair. He was simply "da bomb diggity" to me. Now? Shit, you can't pay me to look at him for more than five minutes. All of those perms and bleach job did that nigga's hair line in as you can see.

- I had dreams of hunching a R & B nigga like Tevin Campbell when I seen that face on the cover of Word Up! magazine. I remember the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when he sung to Ashley on her birthday. I got all warm and tingly inside and gushed lovingly at the television screen. Then my brother broke the news that he was gay and shattered all of my fantasies. Damn damn damn James! He told me that Tevin was stripping in Atlanta. I don't know how authentic the statement was but from the looks of things . . .

- Luke Perry was my first and only Caucasian crush until Ashton Kutcher came along in 2000 (yeah yeah, shut up). I was in third grade circa the time when Beverly Hills 90210 episodes were beginning production. It was something so sexy to me about this white boy. The ways his eyes would squint when he would talk to Brenda about giving him the coochie did it for me, even at the age of eight. That's some pretty sick shit now that I think about it. I was eight years old - - not even ten yet - - having fantasies about him.

- When I first met my best friend Erica in the 6th grade I didn't realize we had something in common, an undying love (lust?) for Penny Hardaway. Yes, there we sat, little pubescent girls talking about how sexy he looked. I also remember how I used to gaze at the huge poster I had of him above my bed at night wondering how it would be to touch him. Yeah I was a horny lil bastard for Penny.

Honorable Mentions

- Morris Chestnut who was extremely sexy as the lead role in The Ernest Green Story back in 1993. He made me want to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement.

- Tony Thompson aka the lead singer of Hi-Five. Remember those guys?

- Usher circa 1993 was delicious to my young eyes. I loved that song he had called "Break It Down" where he was talked about fudging.

- Another Bad Creation as a group. I hate to say it but I "loved" each of them individually in my own special way. I wanted to be Iesha at the Playground, you know? Playgrouunnnd . . .

So who did you love?

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